Mary and Gary Stevens
Mary and Gary Stevens

Alamogordo (our service area) is blessed with very nice weather, even in the winter however freezing temperatures can dip pretty far down there and stay for several weeks. There are many things to consider whether you decide to repair your furnace or to replace it and sometimes that decision is made for you. When you have work done on your home heating system, make sure it is a licensed contractor. Heating systems cause fires when they are not properly maintained. If you have to replace the system, it will require a permit and therefore you will need a licensed contractor for any inspections.

What are the differences between 80% and 90% efficiency furnaces?

Air flows through your home via the duct system. You control whether that air is cooler or hotter by using your thermostat. The difference between an 80% efficient furnace and a 90% efficient furnace is that the 90% efficient furnace has a secondary heat exchanger. The vent for a furnace is made up of metal piping going to the roof. When the furnace is on, the metal piping is very hot. A 90% efficient furnace utilizes that heat by passing air across the metal piping and making it available to heat the home. The secondary heat exchanger removes so much heat that condensed gases produce water which makes it necessary for a 90% efficiency furnace to have a drain.

The long term cost savings of upgrading your next furnace to a new 90% efficient furnace is about 10% of your gas bill during the peak months of gas usage.

Keep in mind that cooling and heating bills can be significantly lowered with air sealing and duct sealing. Air sealing prevents the outdoor air from penetrating a building, and duct sealing prevents cool air that is in the attic or basement from getting into the air ducts.

I am considering a heat pump to save on my electric bill. How much can I expect to save?

As much as 30-40% according to the Department of Energy. For more information about heat pumps, click on this link: Department of Energy

What is the Energy Star Program? Check out this link on our FAQs Page

We service and install all brands.

We service all brands