Mary and Gary Stevens
Mary and Gary Stevens

Link Exchange Program

MGS Refrigeration Heating and Cooling Inc. would be happy to exchange links with it's customers, associates, vendors and any other sites that we feel may be a good partner for a mutually beneficial link exchange relationship. There is no charge; however MGS Refrigeration Heating and Cooling will neither provide links for and specifically forbids it's links on the following types of sites:

  • Pornographic sites.
  • Sites that promote hate.
  • Sites that depict cruelty to animals.
  • Any site that the officer's of MGS Refrigeration Heating and Cooling Inc. deem inappropriate.

Simply send us an email with the link that you propose we include on our site and what page(s) you would like to see it posted. We will consider text, banner and off sizes. Standard banner would be the largest size we will post. Additionally, send us a link to your site, what pages and what types of links you would allow (the specs) and we will respond with a link that we feel would be appropriate.

If you violate of our terms and conditions you links will be removed from our sites without notice.

We service and install all brands.

We service all brands