Mary and Gary Stevens
Mary and Gary Stevens

What is our Preventive Maintenance Agreement?

Our Preventive Maintenance is the best way to:

  • Improve and ensure the Efficiency of your unit
  • Reduce your utility and repair costs
  • Maintain or enhance your current level of comfort
  • Extend and/or improve the life of your unit
  • Stay in compliance with Warranty requirements

How Much does it Cost?

  • $160.00+Tax Per year including:
  • Two seasonal checks ( $80+Tax Per unit)
  • 5% off Repair Parts & Labor on Service calls
  • Regular heating/cooling filters are free. Electro-static/Specialty filters at a reduced rate.
  • Priority Customers, assures immediate service
  • Provide preferential 24/7 emergency service if the need ever arises

Our contractual service is designed to improve the quality of service and experience to you, our valued customer by offering complete maintenance services two times per year as follows:

Spring Maintenance

  • Lubricate blower & motor bearings (if equipped)
  • Check belt condition and tension (if equipped)
  • Check air conditioner cooling coil
  • Check system pressure
  • Take temperature drop across coil
  • Check condenser for level
  • Check thermostat and controls
  • Check condenser and clean
  • Check fan speed for summer operation
  • Check safety controls and correct operation & settings
  • Check superheat and adjust charge if needed
  • Check voltage and amperage draw
  • Check for correct rotation of fans/blowers
  • Check expansion valve and dryer flow
  • Check contactors and starters
  • Check start & run capacitors
  • Check air conditioner compressor
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Change/Clean Air Filters
  • Check Thermostat/Replace Batteries (if required)
  • Add up to 1 lb. of refrigerant per service

Winter Maintenance

  • Lubricate blower motor & bearings (if equipped)
  • Check belt condition and tension (if equipped)
  • Install Standard furnace clean air filters
  • Check to make sure furnace flue is venting properly
  • Adjust burner for proper flame (if necessary)
  • Check condition of pilot and clean (if necessary)
  • Check manifold pressure
  • Check combustion
  • Check fan and limit control
  • Check pilot safety
  • Check heat anticipator
  • Check pressure regulator
  • Check burner operation
  • Check heat relay
  • Check safety controls
  • Check thermocouple
  • Check temperature rise through furnace
  • Check fan speed for winter operation
  • Change/Clean Air Filters
  • Check Thermostat
  • Add up to 1 lb. of refrigerant per service for Heat Pump Systems (a savings of $35.00/lb.)
We believe that our Comprehensive Air Conditioning and Heating Service Agreement program is the best way for us to keep our customers satisfied with their units and keep them running effectively and properly all year long.

* Upfront Pricing
* 100% Money Back Guarantee Service
* 24/7 Service (great for after hour emergencies)

We service and install all brands.

We service all brands